A sensual sweet temptation


A date with Miriam is an encounter with some tingling something. It epitomizes a sensual sweet temptation, which makes your dreams come true. With her charm and her smile this Lounge Model will enchant you from the very beginning and seduce you into their passionate world of eroticism. This hot lady is determined to take all their senses that you are more than just comfortable with her well. Miriam is a modern, intelligent woman with stem. She has shiny blond hair and gorgeous long legs. With her beautiful eyes it sees Miriam, a man to wrap around the finger. If you love an interesting mix of cultured lady and “sex bomb”, then you know our Lounge Model Miriam know. Book today on a date with this beauty.

Personal details

Height:176 cm
Weight:53 kg
Hair color:Blonde
Bust size:75 B
Languages:Czech, English
Available for:Prague, Vienna, worldwide

Favorite lounges

Prague:Radost FX
Vienna:Albertgasse 38
London:The Courtesan


2 Hours:800 Euro
3 Hours:1.000 Euro
4 Hours:1.200 Euro
6 Hours:1.500 Euro
12 Hours:1.800 Euro
24 Hours:2.500 Euro
48 Hours:4.000 Euro
72 Hours:5.000 Euro

For more information about our Lounge Model, please contact our office by phone:


Phone: +43 676 687 39 41

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-Prague, -Vienna
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