Sensual sparkling moments


Passion and curiosity are the merits of Sylvie that she would like to share with you. She’s a fun-loving person who enjoys each day to the fullest and appreciates! Lounge Model Sylvie seduces skillfully to you asking for more and share eagerly awaiting the highlight of the evening. Her joy in experimentation allows room for many erotic game species. For a few hours forget the time and immerse with Sylvie in a sensual seductive world in which both drop and celebrate unforgettable sensual sparkling moments together. It is a stunning young lady who can inspire many new and simple conversations like. This escort girl is both experimental and innovative as well as emotional and romantic. In her much pleasure mired unexplored experiences. Furthermore Sylvie like it very, laughing in society and blithely flirting. This Lounge Model is an attentive conversationalist as well as listener, which you can turn up anywhere. A beautiful and stylish lady for business, as well as sparkling private events.

Personal details

Height:164 cm
Weight:49 kg
Hair color:Black
Bust size:85 C
Languages:Czech, English
Available for:Vienna, Prague, worldwide

Favorite lounges

Vienna:The Sign
Prague:Radost FX
New York:Grand Banks


2 Hours:600 Euro
3 Hours:700 Euro
4 Hours:800 Euro
6 Hours:1.000 Euro
12 Hours:1.500 Euro
24 Hours:2.100 Euro
48 Hours:2.700 Euro
72 Hours:3.200 Euro

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