Lounge Model F.A.Q.


What perspectives does the job?

Can I be even all over the world?


Our clientele includes well-heeled men from the upper layer of society, as well as international businessmen who travel accordingly, often in the most beautiful cities and the best lounges of this world. Permitting your time and flexibility, you can come like the customers on his business or holiday trip. Our Office organised for you travel planning and everything what this includes, such as railway or airline tickets, etc. You need to worry about anything!


Are the fees of lounge models realistic?


Of course! Lounge models is specialised in select women and among the elite in the high class escort business in this area. We enjoy an excellent reputation. Our high class escort only wealthy agency contact and well situated gentlemen who are looking for the extraordinary, and know that a woman is a precious diamond and handsomely should be compensated for their time!

What requirements do I need to escort job?

What conditions should I meet as a escort model?


You should feel comfortable in posh hotels and elegant lounges and move style in the social arena. You’re open to sensual erotic adventure. You should be confident and friendly and you quickly adapt to new situations. It is important to build a warm, loving and friendly bond with the customer. Our customers, it is very important that you feel comfortable. You want to know a cool, distant escort model, but a right “girl time” on their side.


What women do for us on?


We are looking for friendly, nice, open-minded, and attractive young ladies with style and class in the age between 18 and 40 years, are open to extraordinary adventures and romantic rendezvous. You’re looking for a lucrative income, then you have found your right contact with lounge models.


What ideal size should I bring?


It is important that you in your body feel comfortable as a woman and also radiate this.  Clothing sizes between 32 and 38 size and a minimum size of 160 cm are ideal as a lounge model. Especially your body you should be important and you should get value on a well-groomed appearance.

What benefits does the agency?

The company of lounge models


Our still young but already successful concept is based on trust, discretion, reliability, professionalism and above all humanity. We turn to the interests and needs of our customers an exceptional experience provided them. And of course our customers are also our lounge models! Our aim is to convey a carefree and unforgettable time successfully with expertise particularly easily between two people.


What distinguishes Lounge Models from other agencies?


We are a real high class escort agency, because a woman is a diamond and therefore accordingly should be remunerated for their time! We see you, and so also the upscale customer lounge models sees you!


Other escort agencies call high class, but to do nothing at all. These agencies are just to many customers and the fast money and be ashamed not the escort model to convey a fee, from which the Lady remains very little. Only here’s the big difference. A serious high class escort would never do this agency. You will quickly notice the difference between ‘Being’ and ‘Licence’ in your research. With us have the right partner at your side!


Who belongs to the team of Lounge Models?


Our team consists of the owner as well as their assistants and of course our lounge models. Also our Agency works full service advertising agency with a first class erotic, which does include the marketing area, the creation of erotic photographs of escort models and the support and hosting the Web page. Also, escort agency Vienna will advise and represent in all questions of law by a prestigious firm.


Is the agency there for me at any time?


A trust-based cooperation in the entire team is our recipe for success. We attach a lot of value to be a family. It is very important for us to meet you not only personally, but to learn about your needs and limitations, and so to make sure that a date for you and the buyer will be an unforgettable experience.


In all aspects, which do the job, we will support you. With beautiful photos and targeted marketing, we ensure your perfect appearance. During our cooperation we are there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During your appointments, you have the possibility to contact us by telephone at any time. You belong to our team and never are on your own!


Costs for me, if I want to join the Agency?


No, of course no cost for you, if you you want to join our team. As a reputable escort agency, we provide you as an independent escort model and require only the agreed Commission for the successful mediation.


What security do I have in the Agency?


Of us, every customer is carefully checked for respectability and credit! During your appointments, you have the possibility to contact us by telephone at any time. The team lounge models have arrived around the clock for you.


Can I leave the Agency at any time?


As a personality, you decide how long you wish the cooperation with us. It goes without saying however that we are interested in a long-term and successful cooperation and we would dissociate from escort models who are just looking for quick money!


What happens to my personal information?


All personal data and information concerning your person will be treated absolutely confidentially by us and remain exclusively in the Agency. Your data are never propagated by us to third parties or clients. If you leave our agency, your profile on our Web site will be deleted and all advertising, wherever you are out there.

How to apply?

Personal meet and interview


Reputable escort agencies always emphasize a personal get to know! Because you’re part of our team in an industry where mutual trust is particularly important, you’re not a “Sale item” or “Means to an end” for us. Best creates a basis for confidence in a personal interview. Only in this way, we can ensure long-term, harmonious and profitable cooperation. Your needs and taboos are very important, to best serve you. Therefore we want to meet you for a respectful cooperation requires personal contact.


Where will the interview be held?


At Lounge Models, each interview is made by our owner, because she want to meet every lady personally before it is included in the file. The personal interview held on neutral terrain in an exclusive 5 star hotel or lounge. She takes the time to familiarise yourself with our agency and will deal with all the important details. Alone and without pressure of time your questions and ideas are discussed and answered.


Can I bring your own photos?


Of course your own photos, you can bring, but they must meet our quality guidelines. Our upscale clientele expects a certain exclusivity and to maintain these high standards, production-quality photos are required. We cooperate with several renowned photographers, who know exactly this quality guidelines required by us. The photo shoots are made in a relaxed and professional atmosphere either in the Studio or at exclusive venues in our presence.

How do I get paid?

How long do I get paid?


The total time of the rendezvous is rewarded by the customers. Also the time required and the cost to get to the meeting. All expenses arising during of being together with the customer, such as an invitation to the dinner, at the Spa, in the Opera, etc. be borne by this. Additional costs you will in any case. We receive as escort agency only the Commission agreed between you and us for the successful mediation.


How many appointments will I have per month?


We cooperate only with you, if we are sure that the demand will be regularly available for you! It is then all alone you, because you choose the number of your dates itself! The better you are flexible, you can take the more appointments.


Me I bound to rigid working hours?


You are bound by any fixed working hours with us. You can even determine when, how often and where you want to take your dates. Definitely not your leisure will suffer!


Must I also want to travel as a prerequisite for the job?


No, this is not a requirement. Only if you want it you can naturally perceive the possibility to travel nationally and also internationally. Our customers like to invite you on a weekend, holiday or business trip (Mangager accompaniment).


Can I perform this job also discreetly?


We offer not only our clients absolute confidentiality, but also friends. We take your needs. If you want to preserve your anonymity, we will cover your face, for example on our website. Also we can make any tattoos “disappear”. So, it is always ensured that no one recognizes you in your friends or acquaintances or know that you are practicing the Escort Job.


I see the customers before the date?


No, because our customers expect maximum discretion of us, as well as friends. Can friends however, we guarantee that you will meet always well-kept and nice gentlemen.


Can I refuse the customer?


You consorting with reputable and gallant gentlemen, who have style and class. If it happens in the unlikely however, that the “chemistry” between you simply don’t fit and you’re not comfortable, so it is absolutely no problem, when you finish the date. You can decide freely and this is respected by us.


When and where is the rendezvous with a customer?


Usually your rendezvous will take place on the afternoon or early evening instead. Because you give us advance always the information on the times of your availability, you will be notified in time by us, when and where the date takes place. Your rendezvous will be held never at night or in the early hours of the morning. The meetings are, both domestically and abroad, always held in exclusive and renowned posh hotels. You will enjoy the sunny side of life together with the customers and have fun!

Have we aroused your interest?


If you’re open and open-minded sensual erotic adventure and a charming way, a fun-loving character, and has a strong personality, you’re exactly right as lounge model with us.


The application as a high class escort model at lounge models is the first step in the refined world of the elite escort service.


Apply today as lounge model, we look forward to receiving your application!


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Lead a life of luxury! We look forward to receiving your application!

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