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Compared with other major European capitals, Berlin is a young upstart in the never the Roman or ancient cultures were. Berlin’s rapid growth to a metropolis started in the second half of the 19th century. Century. and should take place within a few decades. Like no other city, Berlin is connected with German history with all its contradictions, historical breaks and new beginnings. “Berlin is a city, condemned to be forever, never to be.” Karl Scheffler has this sentence at the beginning of the 20th century. Century said, and he is true also today quite: Berlin is an unfinished city, which always changes and newly imagined. Maybe that’s why so many people keep coming back to Berlin: it won’t be boring here!

Berlin is a paradise for shoppers. Here you will find a barely manageable range of fashion shops of large Flagstore to funky scene shops. Shoes, design, jewellery and accessories, huge offer pallet at the Department stores and shopping malls to the original specialty store, from cheap to luxury. If you have a particular taste in music, browse the bookstores or witty Berlin souvenirs discover here you will find it! So the choice is rather: Berlin has to offer several shopping areas and shopping boulevards with individual character.

Even if the day has already consumed in Berlin on the forces, should make the night life of the city not to be missed. The wide range is hard to beat! Unless you end the day in a cosy pub with your lounge model or only start the evening in a cool cocktail bar. Since time immemorial, the nightlife of Berlin enjoys a legendary reputation. Be curious and discover your own personal favourite in the different nightlife of this city. Swing with one of the jazz clubs, experience a great atmosphere in the backdrop of trendy clubs, or plunge into the exciting dance and club scene in a city that never sleeps.

Berlin is made for lively people. If somewhere lacks the party, then here. Whether in the pub or in the House club, in Berlin you will find everything your heart desires Party.

Featured lounges in Berlin


The pure gold is a so-called classic American cocktail bar. The interior reminiscent of the 1920s, the dark wooden bar with many stools is 17 metres long. Indirect warm light, classic, Brown Leather sofas, umbrella lights with gold base and drawings in the retro-style on the walls. Here, a wide selection of high-quality cocktails are mixed by the classics from 1900 to current trend mixes from London. The perfect noble frame, to casually spend the evening with their lounge model.

Address: Novalisstraße 11, 10115 Berlin


An overwhelming mix of Baroque pomp and middle ages crypt, with Blumendekos, fruit, candles and chandeliers awaits those who find grace before the bouncer. Past ages and medieval ambience: Since 2001 the Adagio Berlin at Potsdamer Platz takes the audience magnificently in other times. Foyer, Baroque level, Gallery, VIP lounge and private rooms are available, as well the musical programme: it ranges from chart topping hits party classics to current House tracks.

Address: Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin

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