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Milan, the capital of the Lombardy region is cosmopolitan and glamorous. The city of fashion consists of a historic core, which extends around the Cathedral. From this core, a star-shaped axis from arterial roads through the modern suburbs leads to the ring road. The modern administrative center of the city is located Northwest of around Mussolini’s main railway station, and is dominated by the Pirelli skyscraper. The trade and fashion fairs take place West of the city centre in the Fiera of district of Porta Genova train station located in the middle.

Milan is a stronghold for designer fashion and a delight for style gurus. The fashion houses of Armani and Versace have here their creative Center, and the so-called golden triangle, by the via Montenapoleone, via Sant’Andrea and the via della Spiga is made North of the Cathedral, which stands at the top of the list. Names like Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Gucci, Missoni, Prada, Trussardi, Versace and Valentino sound like the ABC of Italian elegance.

As you would expect from the young, cosmopolitan Milan, the nightlife is very lively in addition to the fashion. Unlike in the rest of Italy there is not only good Italian food in the pizzerias and regional cuisine, but also a number of foreign restaurants in Milan. As to emulate tried in Milan of eager London’s and New York’s diversity, we find many Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Oklahoma Mexican, Spanish and Thai restaurants. Nothing in the way of a successful evening with your lounge model.

A typical feature of Milan is the plethora of restaurants and bars where you can comfortably eat or drink only one bottle of wine. However, it is customary to visit during the evening two or three different places and this to show social expertise.

Featured lounges in Milan

Principe Bar

The bar is a work of art in itself. The beautiful marble and the wood paneling make the atmosphere very opulent. The centerpiece of the room is a custom bar that wraps around a grand piano. Architecturally, the bar is a perfect balance between classic silent and innovative Design.

Address: Piazza della Repubblica 17, 20124 Mailand

Light Bar

The Light Bar in the Perla Verde hotel is the ideal place to meet for an aperitif or a cocktail in the evening.  The bar is decorated mainly in white and enjoy comfortable seating surrounded by fragrant pine trees a drink which is prepared according to all rules of the art. Here you can relax with your lounge model more than just.

Address: Viale 2 Giugno 144, 48015 Milano

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