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The name of Munich is derived from the name “among the monks”, and therefore the coat of arms of the city shows a monk who holds one hand to the oath and holds an oath book in the other. From this monk developed the well-known figure of the Munich child. On older coats of arms is still a city gate and a golden lion to be seen. Lions are also included in the coat of arms of the Free State of Bavaria, and lions are appearing everywhere in Munich, e.g. As a well-known brewing house “Löwenbräu” and in all possible figures and decorations.

Munich is now more than 850 years old and is booming as never before. The state capital of Bavaria once stood for a long time in the shadow of the free imperial cities of Regensburg and Augsburg. In order to make a splendid city out of Munich, however, the Wittelsbach princes were not afraid of imposing buildings, even if the urge for architectural reproduction was great and the facade sometimes more important than the function. King Louis I was the most zealous in this regard. From his time, Munich’s reputation as a “city of art.” Later, further labels were added: “beer town”, “capital of the movement” or “secret capital”.

Munich is undoubtedly the best city for shopping in Germany. All major brands and labels have large outlets in the city center, high-quality traditional shops and department stores run selected assortments and countless smaller stores offer iconic clothes or genuine rarities. That is why every year thousands of guests come to the city for shopping. If you are looking for something special, you have a good chance to find it in Munich. Especially in the fashion sector, there are some shops, where top fashion designers present their creations.


Also the nightlife and the good food as well as drinking are very pronounced in Munich. The Bavarian cuisine enjoys the reputation of hearty and hearty. A visit to Munich without a trip to the famous “Hofbräuhaus” is simply unthinkable. In addition to the many other beer gardens and beer houses, of course, the annual Oktoberfest and the spring festival on the Theresienwiese are the runners of the Bavarian beer and food culture. There are also a number of restaurants with hearty Bavarian cuisine in the inner city.

Munich is distinguished by its varied nightlife and exclusive shopping. Not for nothing is the so-called ``Schickeria`` at home!

Featured lounges in Munich

MUN Restaurant

The MUN is a stylish but sober but bright restaurant in white, moss green, gold and wood. The guest room offers 50 people in the main room and 20 in the Separee – even with its own underground garage access, so quite promigen suitable. A visit is a “must” for all fusion foodies, where four to six-course degustation menus are offered together with excellent wines. The menus are inspired by the cuisines of China, Japan and Korea.

Address: Innere Wiener Straße 18, 81667 Munich

P1 Bar

Chandeliers beam gently onto red velvet sofas and cozy lounge chairs. A sea of candles illuminates the red-golden wallpaper and creates a unique, intimate atmosphere. Freshly created cocktails sound lounge sounds through the French-interpreted salon. It has become the counterpart to the urban club and offers a wicked flair.

Address: Prinzregentenstraße 1, 80538 Munich

Featured Lounge Models for Munich


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