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New York City, the stunning town on the East coast of the United States, is a living legend and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and always a trip. Countless times, “The city that never sleeps” was sung and recorded in movies. New York City (NYC), which is not only the name of a metropolis, it is almost the description of an attitude to life. Not for nothing the people in America are own people, somewhat obstinately and autarker than the rest of the United States. There are that a New York City actually do not.

The “Big Apple”, as New Yorkers affectionately call their city, consists of five districts (borough), which could not be more different: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn (official name: Kings), Queens and Staten Iceland. Each of the five boroughs in New York City is absolutely unique and worth its own visit. The metropolis on the East coast of the United States is a giant puzzle that is composed of many individual parts. The attractions are many people on the Earth, one of the main reasons for a trip to the Big Apple. The best-known attractions are the statue of liberty and the Empire State Building. Both are synonymous with the freedom and independence of the United States and are indispensable from the city.

In the evening the new facing York the choice, when it comes to order a cocktail in one of the numerous bars. The selection is so mixed in the truest sense of the word and varied that it best once again coming to process the card slowly.

The nightlife knows no rest day and many bars and clubs close until the sun rises. You can relax with a unique martini or dance to the vibrant music of the best DJs in one of the hottest clubs are in subdued light in a lounge.

Featured lounges in New York

Grand Banks

Grand Banks is a season of Oyster Bar on board a historic 142-foot wooden schooner, the Sherman Zwicker, which is docked at Pier 25 in Tribeca on the Hudson River. Escape the city aboard, ordered a dozen oysters, sit back and enjoy your lounge model a nautical-inspired cocktail or two with wonderful views of the vibrant city of New York.

Address: Hudson River Park, Pier 25, N. Moore St. at Western S, New York, NY 10013

Flatiron Lounge

In a historical building from the Flatiron Lounge is the roaring twenties. The style is a tribute to the glorious years with elegant banquets, lots of dark wood and a lot of solid wrought ironwork – simply Classic old New York. The bar offers a wide selection of perfectly prepared cocktails and here you can spend a wonderful evening with your lounge model.

Address: 37 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011

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