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Prague, the “city of a hundred spires”, is one of the most breathtaking European cities, whose architectural heritage has largely remained plain and simple. Many European cities claim the badly damaged cliché, to be a charming blend of old and new but at Prague, this statement is fully accurate. On the one hand, there is the Staré Mesto (old town), one of the best preserved old towns in Europe. On the other stands the Nové Mesto (new town), where abound on every corner of fast food and shopping areas.

The capital town is also known as a city of fashion. For luxury lovers, we recommend a detour in Pařížská Street with its boutiques on world-famous fashion houses. Pařížská – the Parisian Street − is a synonym for luxury shops and restaurants. Not about her name refers to famous Parisian boulevards. Certainly, you feel its atmosphere, while you walk the historic burgher houses with the glass costs incurred by the boutiques and shops along. Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci, which are the evocative names of their brands.

Prague has one of the most intense and exciting night life in Europe. Everyone will find what he is looking for. In one of the many discotheques or Prague music clubs all night dancing, Czech beer or cocktails in one who can enjoy the many bars, or simply listen to live music of all kinds. Here you can spend with your wild and hot nights lounge models.

When evening comes, rotates the face of Prague and the city shows off her wild side. The Czech capital offers entertainment for every taste. The numerous nightclubs, pubs and cocktail bars guarantee an unforgettable evening.

Featured lounges in Prague

Radost FX

Radost FX is known as one of the best clubs in the city and set it here every night different local and international DJs. The name of the Club is program: Radost means as much as “Delight, pleasure”. Applies also here: only cool is beautiful. In addition to the actual Club in the cellar still the lounge with couches to chill-out, a gallery and a vegetarian Bistro.

Address include the Radost FX on the ground floor: Bělehradská 234 / 120, 120 00 Prague


The world of celebrities on a few square meters. This is an apt description of the Baroque would be brought to the point. With its sushi bar, which complements the wide range of European dishes, this restaurant is one of the best in Prague. Enjoy an aperitif, relax with coffee or usher in the evening with an exotic cocktail: there’s a better way to start a walk along the most elegant boulevards of the city – or just stop?

Address: Pařížská 22-24, 110 00 Prague 1

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