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It is also known as the enchanting city on the water, where urban life lies next to nature. Here you will find the old town next to hip industrial quarters. Luxurious brands in addition to great trend labels. Sightseeing and fine arts. Although Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, it called itself a “small big city”. The old town is compact enough to be explored on foot. Zurich is modern, cosmopolitan and internationally oriented. Nevertheless, traditions are held high and can be found everywhere.

In Zurich, shopping becomes a real pleasure. The old town is littered with many elegant boutiques. Between the shopping you can take the necessary breaks in the numerous cafes and bars. The smartest and best known shopping street is Bahnhofstrasse. This stretches from the main railway station past the Paradeplatz to the lake. Here you can find exclusive branded items and let every ladies heart beat faster. But also “sweet” can be found in this wonderful city. The Confiserie Sprüngli, known for its pralines, is the oldest pastry shop in the city. The “Luxemburgerli”-Keks, a foamy pastry, is famous for its city.

Zurich has the most varied nightlife in Switzerland. These include unusual bars in Langstraße, lounges across the cities rooftops, clubs known throughout Europe and excellent concert venues. The nightlife is mainly in the old town on both sides of the Limmat. Due to its small distances, this city offers an entertaining and memorable celebration for night owls.

Zurich is manageable, but never small. Zurich is easy, but never boring. And that is why it is so enchantingly charming.

Featured lounges in Zurich

Onyx Bar

The Onyx Bar is part of the Park Hyatt Hotel, but is anything but a normal hotel bar. The bar was voted “Bar of the Year 2014 Switzerland” by the magazine “Mixology”. And this is not without reason, because here guests can enjoy exquisite wines, special malt whiskeys, vodkas, classic cocktails and noble cigars. The refined and bright interior design gives the Onyx Bar a glamorous yet cozy atmosphere, where you can stay long and happy.

Address: Park Hyatt Hotel, Beethovenstraße 21, 8002 Zurich

George Bar & Grill

The penthouse restaurant in the House Ober in Zurich above the rooftops of the city. George Bar & Grill offers a bar, lounge, terrace, drinks and music, giving the character of its famous host: elegant, refined, distinguished. Here, with its lounge models, you can enjoy unusual specialties, excellent drinks and a wonderful view over Zurich. A “must” for the gentleman of the world.

Address: Sihlstraße 50, 8001 Zurich

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